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Code of Conduct

Noir Black’s mission is to provide a safe and memorable experience for its passenger(s). Accordingly, Noir Black has established a Code of Conduct. 

Noir Black reserves the right to immediately expel any person(s) from the limousine and terminate any and all limousine services and charge additional fees, where applicable and in accordance with Noir Black’s Limousine Service Agreement, in the event of any passenger(s) breaching Noir Black’s Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Passenger(s) shall not be unruly or abusive to any of Noir Black’s employees, agents, contractors, or anyone else performing services on behalf of Noir Black, nor to other Noir Black passengers. 

  2. Passenger(s) shall not consume any drugs or other prohibited substances within the limousine.

  3. Passenger(s) shall not smoke any substance, including cigarettes or vape within the limousine. 

  4. Passenger(s) shall not engage in any sexual activity within the limousine. 

  5. Passenger(s) shall not stand through the sunroof or open any emergency exits, including vehicle doors, while the limousine is in motion. 

  6. Passenger(s) shall not cause any damage, and shall be responsible and liable for any damage caused by the passenger(s), to the limousine’s interior or exterior, which shall be deemed to include incitement to ANY Third Party which results in damage to the limousine’s exterior or interior. 

  7. Passenger(s) understand and accept that the limousine cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity. 

  8. Passenger(s) understand and accept that Noir Black does not take any responsibility for items that are left in the limousine during or after completion of its services. Any valuables left in the limousine by passenger(s) are at the passenger(s) own risk and Noir Black shall accept no liability whatsoever for any losses incurred.

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